Acknowledgemnet is the 1st Step

I was recently posed with a question – “What is the hardest thing about architecture?” – as a graduate, with a Masters degree that took ten – yes ten – years to complete, this is a valid question.

Initially, it took me three days to consider a response and after an additional two weeks of considerable thought and rambling conversations I have arrived here.

The summation of my exploration thus far is simple – to me –

The hardest thing about architecture – is the fullness of my mind; the ever stimulated senses; the thirsty creative heart; the glorious un-ending to do list of future and current projects/tasks/ideas – big, medium and small; the struggle to devote myself to it; the difficulty of getting work; registration (no you are not an architect once you graduate – and for good reason – explaining that to everyone);  knowing that in my mind much of what is built is a missed opportunity to communicate, connect, etc etc.

……. the list continues……….

But for the sake of focus; the title of this blog encompasses it – My marinating elephants –  familiar and unique; they are simultaneously my dear companions and thorns in my side; more than anything else, I adore them for they are mine – I now ask you, who are yours?


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One response to “Acknowledgemnet is the 1st Step

  1. The image is BEAUTFUL on here Sammi! If those cuties are marinating in your head I’d like to go play with them 😉 Can’t wait to see the extended version of the answer to “what is the hardest thing about architecture” … maybe trying to explain architecture principles without waving ones hands? or just generally explain them to non-architects without losing your audience?… oh wait, I have it, picking up those tiny model pins from inbetween old 70s floorboards! Yep, that’s it, that’s the hardest thing…

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